Twenty Tips To Remember When You Feel a Little Broken

Jennifer Bonn
8 min readFeb 27, 2020

1. You Are Wonderfully Made.

You may feel that you don’t fit in or you are not understood but everyone has both faults and special qualities. You have unique elements that make you special, and you will find people who appreciate who you are, so do not try to be anything other than your true self. Your true friends are those who love you exactly as you are. Focus on those strengths that make you shine and improve on areas where you know you could be better.

2. Believe You Can. Many of us suffer from insecurities and we would rather avoid trying something new and failing at it than being stagnant with what is comfortable. We cannot grow until we step out of our comfort zone but often that first step is terrifying. Positive thinking can send out strong energy and when you use positive words as I can it is amazing to see the results. After you prove once or twice that you are capable of difficult tasks you will gain confidence and continue to be stronger.

3. Do Not Compare Yourself To Others.

We often see someone who we think has everything one could want in life. Underneath that mask of perfection are some elements that might not be very pretty. As you start to become acquainted with someone you perceive to be perfect, those elements usually rise to the surface. Be grateful for your blessings and realize that imperfection is more interesting and involves inspirational stories.

4. Do Not Allow Anyone to Limit You.

If someone tells you that you cannot be who you want to be, or that a passion or dream is unrealistic, create a plan to prove them wrong. Even friends and family members can be negative about our aspirations and often it is because they are worried about us being hurt. Find people who will be your cheerleaders and continue following what makes you happy.

5. Filter The Harmful Speech of Those People Who Have No Filter. It is true that people can say hurtful things often without being aware of what impact what they are saying can have. I am amazed at some of the things people think it is ok to say. Although someone might not know what he is talking about, after you have been criticized enough, you begin to ask yourself if there is some truth in what the person is saying. We need to keep a running dialogue with ourselves to guard against these hateful comments made by people who want to feel better about themselves. We need to help each other…

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