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3 min readMar 29, 2020


Tips for Teaching During Covid-19

Many teachers are learning how to adapt their physical classrooms and lesson plans into virtual ones. Whether this has caused anxiety, fatigue, a heightened need to balance family and work, we can all agree that we have had to become better, more creative and to learn so that we can best serve our students.

Connect with other teachers

This is a time when keeping connections is important. You can create a groupme account with your colleagues. Groupme is a free app that allows you to chat with others. It was a huge help during our first few days of virtual teaching because we could quickly ask each other questions, share things that worked and make each other laugh.

Facebook has teacher groups that are invaluable. Search for the group for your subject material and be ready for all the resources that will be shared. As an AP French teacher there are some significant changes to the exam because of the virus and the Facebook group has been offering help to everyone to be ready.

Be aware of new resources

Most companies have stepped up to help teachers and students. Many companies offering teacher resources are now offering them for free. Some of these resources can be found on the Facebook group pages or do a google search for them. ABCTeach offers free resources, Pinterest has plenty of creative ideas, and if you are a language teacher, ACTFL is offering a free one year membership.

Keep your plans simple

This is not the time to reinvent the wheel or to increase the rigor of your class. There is a certain level of anxiety with this situation and keeping things simple makes sense.

It can still be fun

Our students are anxious whether they admit it or not and some laughter can go a long way. Continue to play games. You can teach important material and still lift their moods.

Give yourself and your students some grace

This is not our normal, so it is ok to be flexible and give some grace. Our students sometimes have trouble connecting but I would never mark them late. I have also started a groupme account for each class so students can send me a message if they are having trouble. My students are also patient when a link takes forever to load.

Let students have a few minutes to talk about feelings



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