Time well spent

Jennifer Bonn
2 min readMay 21, 2022

How do you spend most of your time? Before I retired, my time priorities were geared toward work. If you asked me to describe my identity in one word, I would have said, “teacher”. I wish my first word had been mother or wife, but my major energy was going into my job.

When I retired, I suddenly realized how much my family needs my time. (I am very grateful for this fact). My oldest has a baby and I go several days a week to help with him. Not only do I have time with my grandson, but I have also grown closer with my daughter. My youngest daughter is in college and needs to talk through her career options, what classes are like, and use me as a sounding board. When I was working, I was too busy to listen fully. She asks me to go to lunch or go do something with her and I say yes as often as possible because I now see how important my time with my family is.

I know it is easier for me to give my family more time because I am retired, but there are ways to put family first even if you work full-time. It means you have to create boundaries and make more of an effort to put family first. When the end of your career comes, you will be replaced, but hopefully, your family will still be there. They deserve your time.

I have always thought that time resting or doing nothing was also time well spent. We need time to recharge. If we are exhausted and stressed, we are not at our best, while if we do what we love and relax, we will have more energy for everyone.

We complain about never having enough time, but we can make time for what matters.

Jennifer Bonn

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