Precious Jewelry

Jennifer Bonn
2 min readMay 26

I don’t have any expensive jewelry, but I have several pieces that are priceless to me. Do you have jewelry that holds a special meaning or belongs to a loved one? Those pieces of jewelry can mean more than any expensive bauble.

I love tradition especially when it is started by my children. When my oldest graduated high school she asked if she could wear a beautiful pearl necklace that my husband had given me on our anniversary. The pearls are spread apart on a gold chain, and it is a beautiful necklace not only because of the way it looks but also for how it has served our family. When my oldest graduated from college she wore the necklace again, and it was worn again at her wedding. My youngest daughter wore the necklace for her senior high school photos, and on the day of her college graduation she said, “Mom can I wear the pearls?” I love that we have started the tradition of wearing them at important events.

My grandmother gave me her wedding ring on my sixteenth birthday because my birthstone is a diamond. I have worn it ever since on my right hand to remember her. When my mom died, I added her rings. It’s a way to feel that they are still with me.

I have the necklace my mom wore when she was married. It is a choker with tiny red stones on a gold chain. I think it is beautiful, but I hardly wear it because I am afraid I will lose it.

When my sister passed, I inherited her jewelry. Her favorite color was purple, so my favorite piece of hers is a purple ring on a silver chain. The ring is from my other grandmother, and it is so old and fragile we have it on a chain.

I have a brooch from my godmother that is a mini-Mardi Gras mask. It used to be filled with small, purple stones, but through the years they fell out and need to be replaced.

What jewelry do you have that carries special memories?

Jennifer Bonn

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