Parental Fails

Jennifer Bonn
2 min readNov 21, 2023
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Every parent has those moments when either your child does something less than stellar, or a bad parenting decision backfires. I have three children and three grandchildren, so I have experienced many of those moments. I hope you enjoy the moments I share, and I hope they make you laugh and realize that you are not alone when your parenting efforts do not work out.

There were a few unfortunate moments that occurred because of sleep deprivation. One day, a student came up to me while everyone was working on an activity and quietly told me the zipper was down on my skirt, I came to school when I was eight months pregnant with two different colored shoes because I had to get dressed in the dark, and I couldn’t see my feet anyways.

My oldest has always hated milk, but we thought we had to give her milk to keep her healthy. One night, the people in the apartment below us called and said there was a strange substance on their wall coming from our apartment. They said it looked like chocolate milk. We went over and looked behind the hope chest and saw that our daughter had been dumping her chocolate milk there when we left the room. There was also some mac-n-cheese back there.

The oldest was also my temper tantrum queen. I was in the grocery store with a full cart when she fell on the ground, started to scream, and kicked her legs and arms. Everyone around me started to look at me as if I must have done something terrible to her, so I picked her up, left the cart, and went home.

My middle child is an artist. He is always trying to observe everything at once which can lead to a lack of focus. We were out riding our bikes when he started to head straight for a parked car. I should have called out a warning, but I thought, “He must see it.” He did not so he smacked right into it and I felt awful.

We were in a restaurant one night when my youngest who was six months at the time had a massive diaper blowout. I needed to get her out to the car to change her diaper and clean her, but I was also covered with poop. How could I walk through the restaurant like that? I knew I had to, so I picked her up and moved as quickly outside as possible. I cleaned both of us and decided to play with the baby in the car until everyone was done.

Those are only a few of those embarrassing moments. We all have them and we will survive to fail another day.



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