Life Advice From My Garden

Jennifer Bonn
2 min readMay 22, 2024
Photo by Gavin McGruddy on Unsplash

My garden is a little bit of a mess. There is a wildness because I allow nature to do its thing, so there are berry patches and wildflowers mixed in with the vegetables. As I walk among the chaos, I can’t help but realize that the garden has life lessons to teach me. Here are a few.

You can thrive in adversity.

The weather has been crazy lately, and the garden has been hit with a few storms, but it is resilient and always bounces back. Being resilient in life when life throws us curveballs is important too. When you have a tornado hit your life, be calm in the middle of the storm and adopt an attitude that includes a plan about coming back stronger.

We need to be fueled to grow.

Plants need water and sun, but they also need pollinators, and it has been proven that talking and singing to the plants helps them grow. I tell mine every day how amazing they look. I give them a pep talk.

We need to be fueled too and not only with food and drink. We need to hear affirmations and kind words. We need support and those things that fill us up.

Watch out for the pests.

There are often bugs hiding that can cause a lot of damage. Be careful of those people who want to make your life difficult because they can hide their true intentions.



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