Lies I Tell My Husband

Jennifer Bonn
2 min readJul 15, 2022

I strongly believe that honesty is an important component of a marriage, but there are occasionally moments when a white lie can save my husband’s feelings or avoid an argument. When those moments arise, I lie shamelessly. Here are a few of the situations when this happens.


I have had a few injuries because of karate and running, and I know he worries about me, so anytime I have an injury I downplay it and tell him it’s nothing serious. I have to do the same when I do a running competition that is more than a few miles. I could never tell him that there is a race called The Rugged Maniac.

His cooking

I am so blessed to have a husband who loves to cook, but there is one meal that he cooks constantly because he thinks we love it. He would be upset if we admitted that it wasn’t our favorite, so we pretend to be excited.

Political views

We are on the opposites of the political spectrum, and I learned long ago that we will probably not agree, so occasionally I pretend to agree about something while I am thinking about how crazy that idea is.

His hair

I once told him that I loved his hair first thing in the morning because it all stood straight up like a mohawk. It made me smile until he started to tell his hairdresser to spike it because that’s how I like it and it just doesn’t look the same, but I am going to tell him it looks amazing.

His driving

I am a nervous driver, so I am grateful that my husband does not mind driving, but between being distracted from working so hard, and a loss of peripheral vision, riding with him can be scary. He has driven through red lights, and over medians. I can assure you he would not like it if I told him I was afraid to drive with him. Instead, I am very alert.

The hat

On the last school trip to France, my husband had seen a handsome, young man wearing a hat. Several people in the group commented on how nice it looked, so my husband went into a hat store and bought the same hat. I think my husband is gorgeous, but he has a large head, and the tiny hat just did not look the same on him. I told him he looked great, but when he wore it everywhere when we came home, my children hid the hat.

His dancing

Back in the eighties, my husband’s style of dancing probably looked smooth, but he still dances the same way. At a recent wedding, he said to me, “I’ve still got it. It’s just like riding a bike.” I smiled.

Don’t get me wrong, I am married to an amazing man, but now and then I have to bend the truth to keep the peace.

Jennifer Bonn

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