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Finding Inspiration to Write

I am often asked where I find my ideas to write, and what do I do when I have writer’s block. My problem is I never have writer’s block. I have so many ideas swirling around in my head that I write them all down and check each one off as I finish it. Writing for me is a lot like reading, I am constantly being distracted by something new, so I have a stack of books and ideas waiting for me. Ideas come to me constantly and in many different forms. They often come when I am running or driving because those are quiet moments when I can let my run free. Here are some ways that I would suggest for finding ideas.

Be an observer

I always say that as long as there are people around me, I will never be bored. I watch people and invent scenarios for their lives. I often see people’s struggles, and this usually gives me ideas for writing. People are fascinating and I guarantee if you sit and take in what is happening around you, you will have some new material.

Hone your listening skills

Many of my articles have come from something that someone said to me. After my first marathon, I was talking to my husband about the difference between running distance and a 5k, and he said, “It’s an entirely different beast.” Bingo! That was the title of my next article. Listen to what interests people, and what is important or difficult in their lives. Listening is a skill that most people don’t do very well. Listen to hear instead of interjecting your story.

Talk to strangers

My family hates that I will talk to everyone. Did I mention that people are fascinating? They also want to tell your story, and the fact is I open my body language, and it is usually the stranger who speaks to me. I merely engage from that point, and within five minutes I know someone’s life story. My family will see it in my eyes, and they say, “Mom, don’t do it!” They know I have to though. There are so many interesting stories.

Write down thoughts

Sometimes, thoughts bombard me, so I have a whiteboard where I write ideas down.

Read and take notes

Read as much as you can, and read different genres. Take notes of interesting ideas.

Ask for ideas

Ask friends and family what they would like you to write about and you might be surprised to see how many ideas they have.



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