Breaking age restraints

Jennifer Bonn
4 min readAug 18, 2022

There are many laws regarding age including the age to drive, vote, and drink, but there are also many age restrictions that society places on us, or that we place on ourselves. You have to decide which ones you think are valid, and which ones you should break through. Here is a short list of these age restrictions.

Being too old for children

I hear women in their early thirties saying that they will be too old in a year or two to have children. Everyone’s situation is different, but I also thought of the thirties as the perfect time to have children. I was still trying to figure life out in my twenties, become comfortable in my career, and grow my relationship with my husband. I had two children in my early thirties, and then I had a third when I was 43. I felt strongly that the time was right to have one more, but every time I asked someone what she thought, I was told it was a terrible idea. This was an example for me of a time when you should listen to your own instincts because my daughter Katie is the light of my life, and while I watched many people become empty nesters, I still have her for a few more years with me, and I am enjoying every minute.

I would advise people to think first about their health and their financial ability to care for a child. A certain age can be completely different for people, so check with your doctor.

Thinking you are too young or old to be taken seriously

Many people think younger people don’t know much because they haven’t had enough of a chance to learn about life experiences, but that is a huge mistake because every person you meet has something to teach us. Unfortunately, I have seen younger people assume that someone older struggles with anything related to technology, or that they are mentally slow. Everyone deserves our respect, especially the elderly who have lived a long life and might need some extra time, but they have so much to offer. My personal pet peeve is when I am checking out at a store, and before I even have a chance to complete the pin pad, the young clerk starts telling me what to do. We should break through our assumptions about age.

Dressing age appropriately

My daughters refuse to let me shop in any store that looks like it caters to older women, but I also will not wear certain things that I don’t think a 64-year-old woman should wear, but of course, that is a personal choice for everyone. I just think there is a certain age when a…

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