Be open to new things

Jennifer Bonn
3 min readJun 22, 2022

Be open

Be open to people, possibilities, ideas, and change. Some people greet life with open arms as they invite in new adventures, a variety of acquaintances, and limitless possibilities. Others seem to surround themselves in a protective shell where they hide from chance encounters, a world full of emotions, and unchartered territory. I think when someone tries too hard to protect personal space, the person will miss out on some extraordinary chances and experiences. Life is messy and difficult at times, but it can be glorious as well and it is meant to be shared as a community, not alone.

Being open to people

I have a friend who complained to me that she never met anyone new. She asked me if I thought there was something wrong with her. My friend is beautiful, funny, kind, and loyal, but as I observed her, I noticed she was never focused on anyone other than the friends around her. She would never consider talking to anyone she did not know. I noticed as we walked, that she kept her head down and never made eye contact with others. I am the opposite of that, sometimes to a fault. I love meeting new people because to me they represent different stories and needs and connections. I will talk with anyone, and it drives my family crazy sometimes because it usually means we are going to get to where we are going a little later than planned. I cannot help it though because people fascinate me. I also think that God uses us to help others when we least expect it. Sometimes someone needs to share the burden that is being carried, other times someone needs to be lifted up. I start each day asking God to use me to help someone. I also ask him to give me a heads up before someone needs me, but most of the time I am blindsided by the person’s need, but if I can help, that’s ok.

Being open to possibilities

I believe we have the power to welcome things into our lives, and we sometimes block these opportunities from entering through negativity or fear. It is scary sometimes to be open to new possibilities, and sometimes routine and safe are easier to do even though it may not be fulfilling. We have to be open to stepping outside of our comfort zone to try something new and to reach for something better. We can imagine more instead of drowning in a negative attitude that says we are condemned to a life of boredom and drudgery. Write down your dream, talk about the possibilities, and think of them as something you can achieve.

Jennifer Bonn

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